Rise and shine and give God the glory! 6/21

4am, wide awake, and full of energy. Red Bull gives me wings once again!

Are the steroid meds too strong? Yesterday was the last day of them so I suppose they will be wearing off today.

Seize the day:

Had time to pray, get laundry done, have an early breakfast, and meet a friend for a walk. Nice and cool out, refreshing to talk, walk, and even jog a few times. No caffeine needed! Not too bad!

I don’t promise to post everyday, but when I’m so full of energy, at least these first few days, I’ll capitalize.

Good News!

Women who have breast cancer that have a good level of vitamin D (30 or above) fight it better and have a better rate of survival.

I learned yesterday from my labs that my vitamin D level is 38!

And that is without taking supplements to boost that number, just based on my diet and normal routine.

Feeling positive!

Full and grateful!

All the goods yesterday!

A feast! Had our first Meal Train dinner brought to us yesterday. We were positively pampered.

Wasn’t feeling sick yet so wrestled with receiving a meal already. I don’t like putting anyone else out. But reminding myself to see it as a gift of love-and how it gave me the time to slow down yesterday, sit and ice my hands/feet like I’m supposed to 4x’s a day, read with my kids, do a few crafts with them, instead of being on my feet cooking, I’m very ok with the idea. And everyone else was too.

And a few friends stopped by. One of which let me put a pink steak in her hair to join the fun. We’re still waiting to see how long it takes her husband to notice it! 🤣

Oh! And my neighbor also brought over homemade chocolate chip cookies and warm apple pie. Score!

Found my daughter’s happy note on her napkin! Everyone’s keeping me positive-and in the process- it’s doing the trick to keep the family positive.

Can a day get any better?




One Comment Add yours

  1. no5775 says:

    Positivity is SO important! And be sure to not feel guilty about being pampered – you don’t want to take away someone’s blessing!


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