Best day ever!

Hope for others

Join me as I raise funds for the nonprofit F C Cancer Foundation. What they provide for cancer patients is very near and dear to my heart. In my personal battle against cancer this year I have experienced how crucial it is to never loose hope. Fxck Cancer Tri Team has an incredible program called Dyin 2 Live which assists cancer patients in an effort to help them keep their hope alive while in the midst of the fight of their lives.


Does their logo get your attention? Make you look twice? Good. We need to fight this together. The destructiveness of cancer demands action. Cancer is wrong my friends. This foundation raises awareness in an attempt to put an end to late stage diagnosis and they donate to children’s cancer hospitals.

My story has gotten a lot of attention and I’ve received a lot of personal support for which I am forever grateful. I will never be able to thank everyone enough. You are all amazing. Now, it is my joy to be asking for donations to this foundation in order to help others who might also be fighting this terrible disease.

Ringing for a new beginning!


Got to ring the finishers bell today for my radiation treatments to be over!

Whoo hoo!


Crossing this finish line is the best feeling!

And I almost made it with all my fingernails (8 out of 10 ain’t too bad!) How long does a fingernail take to grow back? We shall see. In the meantime, they will serve as my sober reminder of all that I fought through to be here now. To still be standing.

This day was good, but I’ve got a deep tiredness-similar to what a grueling endurance race delivers. Like I’ve just been through a marathon. Think my Ironman training has been preparing me for this? Yes, this has surely tested my endurance. Despite feeling blessed beyond belief, I still have several nagging side effects to endure. I am not walking away without battle wounds.

No word yet on any of the scans I had last week. But I have a few follow ups this week to go over them. The fractured fibula (a.k.a. pain-in-the-you-know-what) is keeping me from being able to go out to play. Okay, so the arctic blast that the Midwest has been hit with is also playing a major role in that situation. I’m dreaming of traveling someplace warm. But right now it’s my heart that is warm.

I thank God everyday for my family and friends, all of which make me rich beyond measure. I did not do this alone. I am so grateful to you all. And I cannot believe how amazing my husband has been. We are celebrating our 17 year anniversary tomorrow!!! He’s stood by me, strong, like a rock to lean upon- despite seeing me lower than ever before and hopefully never again.

At the beginning of all this, looking ahead at the treatments, it was beyond comprehension. It seemed huge. Insurmountable. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. There is so much to navigate when it comes to cancer, so I had to focus all my efforts on figuring out only one phase at a time. It’s not over though. I still have Herceptin every 3 weeks until May. Then we are throwing a party on May 10th to which you’re all invited! Come and celebrate with us all.

Did ya hear that? Party!!!

I’m so close to being done. Pretty soon cancer appointments will no longer be the dominating theme on my calendar. At least today marks the end of my daily appointments with the big radiation machine. I emerge from this struggle with a renewed sense of strength, confidence, and courage. What a ray of hope for anyone facing a seemingly impossible situation.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Catherine Elvert says:

    You are an inspiration to us all, B! I love you to the moon and back! Way to persevere & cross that finish line with all your beauty and grace. You are a testament to me -one step at a time, we can accomplish anything. I’m so blessed to have you as my sister – for the long haul! We’ve got way too many memories to share with each other! But in the meantime, “should you need us?” You’re a part of me,always. Love you, girl! Way to kick some cancer butt!


  2. no5775 says:

    Congratulations, Brenda! I am so very happy for you!


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