Onward and upward

And my saga continues….

Yes, I’m glad to be done with radiation. That’s pure bliss. Albeit the burns have been another thing of their own. But today’s update has to do with my 3wk protocol of herceptin, which helps prevent cancer from returning.

3 weeks ago my counts were too low so we had to skip it. It was concerning to have low WBC’s. But I’ve been reassured that it was probably just the combination of radiation and herceptin causing this. My counts were back to normal today so I’m feeling relieved. Jumping for joy here! Well, my fracture isn’t fully healed so I’ll stick with figuratively jumping.

Unfortunately, my understanding was incorrect that I would be done with these treatments in May. Instead they must provide me with an overall amount of the drug. So the treatment I missed 3 weeks ago and the break I took during surgery have to be made up at the end. I had hoped to break up with this cancer center sooner. This relationship is a real drag. But now that I do the math, it appears I might have to keep coming until the end of August to fulfill my quota. Much as I love these sweet nurses here, this is hard news for me. My sentence has been extended. This race keeps surprising me with added twists and turns, requiring more endurance than I anticipated. Oh well, I’m no quitter, and I’m going to see this through.

Herceptin is going into my body via my chemo port as we speak. Yep, this bump in my chest will be sticking with me for many more months. My hope today is that I won’t feel sick later. The past few times I’ve received this treatment I have had severe pains for several days afterwards. Prayer warriors, you’re on duty!

If there is pain this evening I will just have to remind myself once again: it’s temporary pain for long term gain.

My mom came to hang out with me here in the treatment center today. So sweet having her here. She is such a positive spirit.

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