Come alive!

Sitting in the infusion center waiting on my Herceptin to be mixed. The longest part of these sessions is not the time it takes to actually administer the drug, but waiting on the pharmacy. The drug is so expensive that they do not make it ahead of time until your blood work is processed showing that your counts are high enough to receive it that day. I felt the temptation to hold my breath in anticipation for the approval- like I was being given a report card. Mine came back good today. So I got an “A” today. Do I get a treat?

I still have my chemo port in my chest. It is a little uncomfortable but not stopping me. My radiation burns have completely healed. They were deeply painful and very intense but pretty much to the day as predicted, 2 weeks after radiation ended, they went away.

Of course our 3 active kids never slow down. They still misbehave and need gentle correction. They still climb the walls when they get bored. I’m so happy to feel like myself again and be able to be a better mamma. I love it. I’m back to enjoying cooking and having fun with the family. Most days I feel normal. Less trips to the doctor are nice. My hair is growing back. It seems like it’s darker than before but I can’t really tell yet.

I haven’t written a post recently since I rarely feel the need to report anything. But I’m good. And so is our family as a whole. I’m so amazed at my fabulous husband. Tom, I’m aware of how you had to pick up so much slack to keep everything going. You have been so incredible. And now we have a new outlook, being intentional about putting our life back together with what’s truly important. God is so good. That’s #1. We’ve witnessed God bring us through a wilderness to a more beautiful place than ever before. Throughout my treatments I found such peace in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.” What joy to be continually seeing that hope become a reality. With faith in our Lord Jesus Christ we carry on and look forward to the future.

I’m practically skipping through my days. I feel so alive and full. It’s easy to sing along with that uplifting song “Come Alive” from one of my triathlon friend’s favorite movie, The Greatest Showman. This friend affectionately refers to it as “that circus movie.” (You know who you are T, and you’re welcome for that! 🤡🎪😂) ACTUALLY he may never read my blog again now. But really, I do feel like I’ve come alive as the song says. I feel such gratitude and love for my family and for God.

I’m also training for a triathlon and starting to run short distances again. My sister (CA) and my brother (TX) are both coming in town and going to do the KC Triathlon on May 12th (Mother’s Day) with me! They are both training hard so we’re all going to give it our all. As I’ve starting kicking my training into gear, it’s been super humbling to see my strength/power/speed isn’t what it used to be. I need to check my ego at the door, remind myself of how far I’ve come, and go forth with gratitude.

I am scheduled to have an MRI on my previous fracture in 3 days. It will be nice to know if it’s completely healed so that I can confidently add distance to my run again. I miss my distance running. I am chomping at the bit but I’m being patient to only go a mile at a time and will carefully, gradually increase so that I don’t re-injure myself.

This past weekend spring finally teased us with some sunshine! Looking forward to getting outside. Many friends have been making comments about how long spring is taking to arrive. I have been secretly glad because it helps me to not feel like I’m missing any great running. Praying for the all clear from my MRI so I can get back out there and build up my running again. But more importantly that I would I keep running to God.


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  1. no5775 says:

    Your hair is beautiful! Soon it will be swaying in the breeze as you run like the wind!

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